In response to a widely distributed call for papers, a large number of proposals were submitted. Out of  these abstracts, sixteen papers have been selected that address the conference theme from a variety of perspectives.

Presenters can find some instructions to prepare their  papers here.

Selected papers

The following papers have been accepted for presentation during the workshop:

Amélie Barras and Xavier Guillaume

University of Montreal (Canada) / The Open University & Swiss National Research Foundation

The Tao of the Non-Play

Monika Bobako

Adam Mickiewicz University (Poznań, Poland)

Walking a Tightrope: Islamic Feminism Between Politicized Religious Patriarchy and Western Feminist Neocolonialism

Laura S. Grillo

Pacifica Graduate Institute (USA)

Female Genital Power in Ritual and Politics: Catachresis in Côte d’Ivoire

Marita Günther-Saeed

Philipps University Marburg (Germany)

Challenging Academic Knowledge: ‘Matriachal Gender’, Spirituality and Feminist Theories
Martin Jaime Universidad Andina Simón Bolívar (Ecuador)

Catholic Pastoral Speeches, Bodies and Subjectivities: Strategies of Domination and Resistance in Lima (1968-2005)
Malebogo Kgalemang University of Botswana Gender, Religion and Postcolonial Politics in Ngugi wa Thiong’o’s Devil on the Cross

Adriaan van Klinken

SOAS, University of London (UK)

African Pentecostalism and the Catachrestic Postcolonial Translation of “Gender Equality”

Valentina Napolitano

University of Toronto (Canada)

Catholic Migrant Pedagogies and Atlantic Returns

Jeane Caña Peracullo

De La Salle University (Philippines)

Indecent Theology:  Asian Catholic Women Speak Out on Sexuality and Eroticism

An van Raemdonck

Ghent University (Belgium)

A Genealogy of Anti-FGC Campaigning in Egypt

Rehnuma Sazzad

Nottingham Trent University (UK)

Critical Affiliation as Catachresis: Leila Ahmed’s Postcolonial Critique of Islam and Western Feminism

Bertram J. Schirr

University of Göttingen / Humboldt University (Germany)

Explorations in Post-Colonial Theologies of Intercessory Prayers – Global Shiftings in Liturgical Epistemes

Caroline Starkey

University of Leeds (UK)

Freeing Empowerment from Western Feminism? Testing the Limits of Postcolonial Critiques with Ordained Buddhist Women in Britain

Ben Su

Graduate Theological Union (Berkeley, USA)

The Subject of Intimacy

Ali Usman Saleem and Alexis Weedon

University of Bedfordshire (UK)

Revisiting the Peripheries in Meatless Days: Unveiling Gender and Religious Discourse in Pakistan

Lisa Worthington

The University of Western Sydney (Australia)

Fundamental Connections: Islam, Gender and Postcoloniality

Preparing your paper

Preparing your paper, please take into account the following instructions:

  • Expect your paper to be between 30-40 minutes with 20 minutes for discussion afterwards. Effectively you will have an hour allotted to your paper in total.
  • We have put together a preliminary bibliography with a set of recommended readings, in order to ensure some coherence in the papers and in our conversation. These are generally basic texts we hope all participants will have a working knowledge of, although of course we do not expect that everyone will have read ALL of them!
  • In order to maximise the potential for solid and productive discussion, we plan to circulate the papers prior to the workshop to all participants. The deadline for submission is 3rd December 2012.
  • Because the conference is a workshop we hope that participants will benefit from the discussions of each paper and the exchange of ideas and perspectives. For this reason we do not expect publishable versions to be prepared in advance.
  • We will be selecting papers for publication in a special issue of Religion and Gender immediately after the conference (with a final publication deadline set for the middle of October 2013). The deadline for submission of those papers will be 28 February 2013. We may also  publish more papers than we are able to in the journal in an edited volume but we will only be able to determine whether this is feasible once all the papers have been presented.